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Header_Couple2_0Whether you’re saving for something big or small, we can help you get there. Our savings account provides you with a simple way to save the money you work so hard for.
  • Direct Deposit – For those who want to have all of their money go into their savings account. we’ll take the whole paycheck and have it directly transferred into your savings account, without the hassle of a paper check.
  • Payroll Deduction – To make saving easier for you, we offer payroll deduction, so you can have a portion of your paycheck deposited straight into your savings account.

*** Financial 1st FCU savings accounts require a $ 5.00 minimum balance.This balance must be maintained in order to be eligible for all other services we offer. The savings accounts earn dividends on balances over $100.00. Dividends are paid quarterly. Our savings accounts are so simple you won’t have to worry about a thing, before you know it, you will have the money saved up for the big things in life you always wanted.